While all members are required to have in place a supplier assessment system, Railsponsible’s Members type A (see Membership) primarily make use of EcoVadis for assessing suppliers’ sustainability and therefore invite their suppliers to fill out the questionnaire and share the results with all other members.

The following gives an overview of the EcoVadis assessment campaign.

Supplier assessment campaigns: how do they work?

Suppliers will receive a request from one or more of their railway industry customers, members of Railsponsible, to sign up to EcoVadis and have an assessment performed by EcoVadis. EcoVadis will manage the entire assessment process. Suppliers will have to respond to one common questionnaire.

On the EcoVadis system, suppliers have full control over who can see their information and assessment results, and can opt to share this information with any of the Railsponsible members who are their customers. Railsponsible members will have visibility over a list of supplier names that are participating as well, so that suppliers and buyers can easily connect to share information if relevant, reducing duplication of effort for suppliers.


Benefits for suppliers

Suppliers that engage with Railsponsible have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to good ethical, social, environmental and business practices to customers and potential customers
  • Get ahead of the sustainable procurement requirements curve; as more buying organizations increase their demands for sustainable practices and start to incorporate sustainability criteria into their awarding criteria, participation the
  • Benefit from the shared supplier assessment approach; one assessment will be valid for multiple clients; with a common online platform and common questionnaire requested by your customers, thus avoiding duplication of efforts and costs in responding to multiple requests of assessments from buyers.
  • Benchmark your sustainability practices against companies in the same industry sector, and identify strengths and possible areas for improvement