Railsponsible is pleased to announce that Capgemini and Eiffage are the winners of the 2018 Railsponsible Climate Change Supplier Awards. 


The Railsponsible Supplier Award is designed to recognize best practices among railway suppliers and to stimulate renewed commitment.

Following the publication of the Railsponsible Climate Change Position Paper, Railsponsible decided to focus on suppliers’ climate performance for the 2018 Railsponsible Supplier Award. The award process was launched in May and over 20 suppliers submitted applications.

A Railsponsible jury, composed of representatives of Europe’s leading rail organizations, evaluated and ranked suppliers using three criteria: sustainability and climate strategy, availability of climate targets, and best practice initiative to manage climate impacts.

During a workshop organized at Innotrans on September 19, 2018, Railsponsible announced that Capgemini and Eiffage were the winners of the Railsponsible Climate Change Supplier Awards.

Eiffage received the award in the “Rail Industry” category and Capgemini received the award in the “General Services Related to Rail” category.

Railsponsible thanks all participants for their submissions and congratulates Capgemini and Eiffage!