Railsponsible is pleased to announce the publication of its 2017-2018 Annual Report and its Climate Change Position Paper.

Annual Report

The Annual Report includes key performance statistics, an update on the supplier campaign and membership, and a summary of Railsponsible’s new consolidated position on climate change.

Railsponsible Chair Stefan Bürkle commented:

The coming year will allow us to capitalise on our collective practices and experiences, and to develop operational tools that are available to our teams but also to our suppliers, who frequently ask for support. Our shared responsibility as major contract partners commits us to suppliers. We want to support them in their efforts, promote good practices, and honour those who have demonstrated their performance and their willingness to progress. I’m looking forward to meeting them in Berlin during the InnoTrans trade show in September 2018.

Another important issue for Railsponsible is to adapt its governance to maintain and guarantee efficiency and agility in a context of strong membership growth.

I am enthusiastic and confident about the ability of each of us to continue the mission we have set ourselves: to advance collectively the CSR performance of the rail industry.

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Climate Change Position Paper

The members of Railsponsible support the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21, and its goal of limiting the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C.

This position paper is designed to help our business partners and railway companies in general to set related targets and act upon them. The paper is intended to set out Railsponsible’s expectations of its members, its business partners, and the wider industry, and to provide guidance and suggestions for how all companies in our industry can take climate action.

We have identified three key climate commitments that are relevant to and supported or adopted by most Railsponsible members. We consider that these commitments constitute good practice and we therefore recommend that they be incorporated into railway sector companies’ climate strategies and sustainable sourcing approaches.

The members of Railsponsible encourage every company and business partner in the sector to adopt the following climate commitments and to design a climate strategy around them:

  • Commit to Ambitious Renewable Energy Target
  • Commit to Ambitious Energy Productivity Target
  • Commit to Make Available Climate Change Information

In designing their strategies, companies should consider their size and position in the rail supply chain. Where relevant, Railsponsible members may wish to translate these commitments into award criteria for tenders in their individual procurement processes, if applicable.

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