Railsponsible vision:

Members of Railsponsible believe that sustainable procurement is a key driver of value for business and society.

Our vision is a global railway industry where all suppliers have in place good ethical, social, environmental and business practices.

Railsponsible mission:

To continuously improve the sustainability practices of railway industry suppliers.

To share best practices and processes, driving a shared understanding across the industry.

To apply common standards and use common tools, creating efficiencies.

Commitments of Railsponsible members:

Company commitments

  • The Chief Procurement Officer of each member organization formally commits to the vision and mission of the initiative.
  • Our code of conducts reference the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and the adherence to relevant internationals standards and laws and we expect suppliers to abide by the same principles.
  • The sustainability expectations we require of our suppliers are also reflected in our own practices.
  • We have resources in place whose responsibility it is to effectively implement supply chain sustainability within our companies and with our suppliers.
  • We operate in compliance with antitrust laws and Railsponsible Antitrust statement. It is not the aim/purpose of the initiative to use the meetings for purposes that could in any reasonable way be seen as anti-trust behavior.

Operational commitments

  • We encourage our suppliers to participate in a supplier assessment program and share their results in order to send a common message and reduce duplication for suppliers.
  • We commit to use tools developed by this initiative which support our own processes and are based on common standards.

Reporting commitment

  • We report regularly on an aggregate view of the sustainability performance of our supply chains.