What have we been working on? What are we going to work on?

Uwe and StefanWith the chairmanship being handed over from Uwe Günther, CPO Deutsche Bahn, to Stefan Bürkle, CPO SNCF, for the Railsponsible year 2018-2019 we want to take the opportunity to sum up what we have been working on over the past months and what is ahead for the initiative until 2019.

We have made good progress on the implementation of for example, the procurement and climate change common programs with more to communicate on over the next few months. Looking at the future, for the next months we plan to:

  • Develop a resource hub for buyers and suppliers gathering a number of ‘Material Guides’ for procurement staff, e.g. aluminum, steel, synthetic rubber, etc.
  • Publish and promote our Position Paper on Climate with the supply chain community
  • Create training and awareness raising materials for Railsponsible members procurement community

…and many other activities that members want to develop together over the course of the year.

Over the last months, we have created a new membership model to enable all interested and committed companies to join, regardless of the platform they use for supplier assessments. We are seeing growing interest in Railsponsible and we hope for a steady growth to allow increasingly impactful actions through collaboration.

Furthermore, in 2017-2018 we have also pushed the number of EcoVadis assessed supplies to over 820 and the average Railsponsible-specific supplier score stands at 50 compared to the overall score of 42 for all suppliers rated by EcoVadis –  this means our suppliers continue to show above average performance with regards to sustainability.