Looking back at the first nine months of the Railsponsible Year 2017/18

While the ‘Railsponsible year’ still runs until March 2018, we want to take the opportunity to look back at the past months and give a few insights on what Railsponsible has worked on and will continue to address over the months ahead.

With the finalization of Railsponsible’s 2020 Strategy in late 2016, this year the members focus on how to implement the strategy via three workstreams. While work is ongoing, we are looking forward to share some concrete steps members are currently preparing, such as:

  • A member position paper on climate, summarizing good practices and approaches specifically for the rail sector and its suppliers.
  • A responsible procurement program for three pilot purchasing categories with the view to develop useful references for the members of Railsponsible and the wider industry.
  • A health & safety risk mapping of selected highrisk countries and engagement of local stakeholders.

Rail industry supplier involvement in Railsponsible continues to increase

At the same time, Railsponsible’s supplier assessment program continues: We are pleased to announce that until September 2017 about 1800 railway industry suppliers have been invited to take the EcoVadis assessment and out of these around 692 companies participated and agreed to share their results with all Railsponsible members, up 200 compared to the beginning of the year.


The Railsponsible supplier assessment at a glance.


But it is not only the supplier base in our assessment database that is growing. During the course of the year, we were happy to welcome two new members to the initiative, SBB and RFI. Edgardo Greco, CPO at RFI, explained the ambition of his company within Railsponsible is that “both rail operators and suppliers can contribute to create a more responsible, sustainable supply chain, towards an even better rail manufacturing, more focused on crucial aspects such as environmental impact and social aspects – besides quality and costs only.” Read the full interview here.

If you are a rail sector company and interested in joining the initiative, you might be interested to know that Railsponsible now has two types of membership, one for companies using the EcoVadis assessment and one for companies using other supplier assessment systems.