Membership ChartNew membership structure

Railsponsible is pleased to announce its new membership model, with the objective to open up the initiative to even more companies committed to sustainability and sustainable procurement and ultimately increase Railsponsible’s impact on sustainability practices in the rail industry.

In the beginning of June, our members agreed on changing the membership structure in order to allow companies to participate in the initiative regardless of the type of supplier assessment system they have in place.

To reflect this in the governance model, Railsponsible now has two types of members (see the figure). ‘A Members’ are the ones that primarily use EcoVadis while ‘B Members’ use other assessment systems.

We developed an ‘equivalence process’ for supplier assessment systems

Railsponsible members expect all potential new members to have strong systems in place that are equally as rigorous as the system currently employed by all members, EcoVadis. Thanks to the work led by Deutsche Bahn and Knorr-Bremse, Railsponsible developed an “equivalence process” by which potential new members will be requested to provide information about their supplier assessment system through filling out a questionnaire during the Application process. This will ultimately allow Railsponsible to evaluate the maturity of the other supplier assessment system compared to the one currently used by the members.

For more information about the new membership structure you can have a look at the Annual Report 2016-17 and the respective section of our website.