Railsponsible’s activities in the past and coming year

We are pleased to announce that until year end about 1200 railway industry suppliers have been invited to take the EcoVadis assessment and out of these around 480 companies participated and agreed to share their results with all Railsponsible members. Railsponsible has doubled the number of supplier assessments over the course of 2016 – the number of suppliers’ assessments at the end of 2015 was 240. A key achievement for our young initiative that was made possible thanks to efficiencies both for suppliers (i.e. they only need to fill in the questionnaire once and results are made available to all Railsponsible members) and Railsponsible members (i.e. members use a common standard and are in close contact with suppliers).

With the 2016 change at the top of the initiative, Jeroen Wegkamp, CPO Dutch Railways, handed over the chairmanship to Olivier Baril, CPO ‎Alstom, Railsponsible also finalized its 2020 Strategy defining a pathway for the coming years.

For 2017 Railsponsible’s main focus will be the implementation of all the work streams of its 2020 Strategy, namely:

  • #1 Empower members’ staff and executives: Share training tools and resources on sustainability and sustainable procurement, plan common training kits for buyers
  • #2 Build common programs: Work on common activities around GHG emissions, health & safety, and ecofriendly products, develop recommendations for updating member companies’ Code of Conducts
  • #3 Railsponsible stakeholder engagement: Target prioritized events to promote a responsible railway supply chain, apply for membership to the United Nations Environment Programme’s 10YFP Sustainable Procurement program

Connected to the latter, also in 2017 Railsponsible will contribute to impactful discussions at a number of high profile events on sustainability and rail industry gatherings. So far Railsponsible plans to be present through its members at conferences such as Produrable (March 2017, Paris), EcoVadis Sustain (April 2017, Paris), 5th Railway Forum (August 2017, Berlin), Sustainable Supply Chain Submit (October 2017, London), as well as Annual Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Summit (September 2017, London). Our member companies that will attend these events will be more than happy to meet you and discuss any questions you may have on Railsponsible.