New Chairman elected: Olivier Baril, CPO of Alstom

Portraits4_websiteOlivier Baril, CPO ‎Alstom, took over the Chairmanship of Railsponsible as of April 1 2016. He was elected by members to succeed Jeroen Wegkamp, CPO Dutch Railways (NS), who led the initiative during the foundation phase and first year of work.

Looking back to the 2015-16 term, Mr. Wegkamp states “At times it is hard work, but I am personally convinced that if we proceed with the same focus, drive, and passion as we did last year, we will certainly be even more successful in the future. I am very happy that Mr. Olivier Baril is now taking over the chair of Railsponsible. His personal commitment is very inspiring and I am sure that Mr. Baril will guide the way to further success.”

For the year ahead, Mr. Baril would like Railsponsible “to develop [members] expertise related to the railway sector’s sustainability in order to progressively create our own model, that fits with the global stakes and growth of the railway sector and making it a differentiating factor compared to other industries” and on Railsponsible’s strategic positioning he adds “[a]s one of the goals of this joint initiative is to simplify our supply chain assessment process, we will take the opportunity to listen to the feedback of our suppliers and see where we can improve the approach. I also would like us to find a way to reward suppliers that are showing leading sustainability practices. We will continue to accompany suppliers who need support to improve their sustainability performances with benefits for both buyers and suppliers. This constructive quest for sustainability enhancement for the sake of both companies is the very core of Railsponsible.”

For more details on Oliver Baril’s strategic vision on Railsponsible consult our first Annual Report 2015-16 now available online.