Railsponsible’s first Annual Report publishedCoverpage_AR

Today, Railsponsible published its first Annual Report covering the period since the inception of the initiative in March 2015 until March 2016.

The report, introduced by a message of the previous chairman Jeroen Wegkamp (NS) and the newly elected Olivier Baril (Alstom) provides insights of the activities and what has been achieved in the first year, what is the value of the initiative to its members as well as the assessed suppliers but also outlines some priorities for the year ahead.

For instance, in terms of key results, with the end of the first Railsponsible year and as of May 2016, nearly 430 suppliers have been scored, and results are showing a very satisfying level of CSR performance, also in terms of improvements. With regards to the activities, Railsponsible has been focusing on good practice sharing and suppliers’ overall performance discussion and on setting up a solid governance structure also laying out and tracking KPIs to closely monitor the performance of Railsponsible and its members over time.

For Railsponsible’s full Annual Report 2015-2016 now available online, click here.