SKF joins the initiativeS01__SBM_Large

Railsponsible is happy to announce that SKF, a leading manufacturer and supplier of rolling stock equipment, joined the initiative as seventh member company. Prior to joining our industry working group, SKF already participated in Railsponsible’s assessment campaign as a supplier.

Rob Jenkinson, Director Corporate Sustainability at SKF describes the value of Railsponsible shared assessment campaigns from a supplier’s perspective: “We appreciate the concept of bundling together customers’ requirements to gather customers’ questions on supply chain. We get a lot of questionnaires from customers … many per year, but basically they ask for the same information. So it is not efficient for us to keep answering the same thing for each individually. The basic principle [of Railsponsible] is to consolidate those needs and share the data amongst a larger group of customers.”

For an interview with Rob Jenkinson on SKF’s strategic choice to become an active member of Railsponsible see our first Annual Report 2015-16 now available online.