eneko-salvadorIn this series of member profiles, we chat with Railsponsible members to gain insight into their progress and challenges on responsible procurement. Today’s interview is with Eneko Salvador, Supply Chain Process Manager at CAF.

What is the importance of responsible procurement for CAF?
Responsible procurement plays a critical role for us in applying the principles of our CSR Policy and Code of Conduct to our supply chain. We see an increasing interest for our responsible procurement program from our stakeholders: employees, society, suppliers, customers, and shareholders.

What are your current areas of focus for responsible procurement, and what actions/programs are underway?
CAF’s Responsible Procurement Program is currently focused on four main programs:

  • Increasing the coverage of the sustainability assessments in terms of assessed purchasing volume
  • Defining action plans for those suppliers with a low sustainability assessment
  • Integrating sustainability requirements into our sourcing process.
  • Implementing lean manufacturing methodologies with small-size local suppliers

What challenges and opportunities have you encountered in your activities/programs?
The main challenge so far has been the small-size suppliers. Given their size, they cannot afford to assign a person to answer the sustainability questionnaire and take responsibility for coordinating any improvement plan that may be required. In this regard, the transposition by the Spanish Parliament of the European Directive 2014/95/UE for the divulgation of non-financial information represents an opportunity to accelerate the sustainability agenda among our Spanish supplier base, since it makes it mandatory for medium and large companies to publish sustainability activities and controls on an annual basis.

How has Railsponsible helped you so far in your work? How do you think it can help you in the future? 
Being a member of Railsponsible has given the opportunity to share our concerns, targets, and inspiration with colleagues from the rail sector. In addition, Railsponsible membership has helped us accelerate our responsible procurement program by giving us access to many sustainability assessments of suppliers we have in common with the rest of the members. With regards to the future, we are participating in the Responsible Procurement Working Group in which we expect to share approaches, best practices and tools.