We were delighted to welcome over 20 participants to our recent Railsponsible webinar: “What Climate Actions Can Suppliers Take?”

During this webinar, we heard from BSR climate expert Giulio Berruti on why climate change is a growing concern for the transport and the railway sector; how the commitments for rail companies proposed in the Railsponsible Climate Change position paper might work in practice; and what concrete actions rail companies and rail suppliers can take in the short-term to get started on the climate change mitigation journey.

We also heard from Carole Escolan Zeno of UIC, who discussed why collaboration between rail companies is important and how it can be scaled up. Carole highlighted UIC’s Low Carbon Rail Transport Challenge, which was launched in 2014 at the UN Climate Summit and signed by 200 members.

Finally, Nadia Stillhart of Railsponsible member SBB shared her experiences of working to set climate and energy targets and mapping these across the supply chain. New technology, resource efficiency, and packaging were some of the areas highlighted as opportunities to make an impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Thank you to all participants on this webinar!

If you would like to rewatch the webinar, please click here or view the video below.